Beca Agreement Bbc

Beca Agreement Bbc

«The non-signing of these agreements is not an obstacle to the promotion of bilateral military relations,» the defense secretary unexpectedly said in what many analysts see as a major shift in U.S. policy. India and the United States have signed a military agreement on the exchange of sensitive satellite data amid Delhi`s tense border situation with Beijing. The US wants to change that and in recent years has become one of the fastest growing defence suppliers to India. Echoes of these plans are heard in the statements of the leaders of both countries. Barely pointing out that the US and India are developing a common containment strategy against a growing economic and increasingly militaristic China, the US defense secretary said improving bilateral military relations and trade could be fruitful by reducing «bureaucracy.» The first took place in Delhi in 2018. The latest, originally scheduled for early this year, has been delayed due to the pandemic and comes just one week away from the results of the US election. Analysts say the timing is significant and highlights India as a priority for the UNITED States. Relations between the United States and China have also deteriorated in recent months on the back of President Donald Trump`s repeated criticism of Beijing`s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S.

has also rebuked China for passing a new security law in Hong Kong following wide-action protests. It has already concluded three pacts: the General Security of Military Information Agreement (2002), the Logistics Memorandum of Understanding (2016), the Communication Compatibility and Security Agreement (2018) for better military and logistical cooperation. «Our discussions today have been fruitful and have aimed to further deepen defence cooperation in a wide range of areas,» Singh tweeted later. Read: U.S. step of sharing military data with India alerts FO. While some experts like Malik are skeptical about Pakistan`s security after the signing of BECA, others have been reassured that Pakistan is an ally of the United States on the Afghan issue of the Taliban and that the United States would not take any action to destroy its relations with Pakistan. Delhi continues to conduct military talks with Beijing to defuse the situation on the border and a peaceful solution is in its best interest. He does not want even a limited conflict at a time when he is waging a long-reaching fight against the pandemic. US Defense Secretary Mark Esper held talks with his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also met with Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. . While the LSA authorizes the two militaries to reciprocally use maintenance, maintenance, communication, refueling and medical care services, the other two agreements are indispensable for the transfer of secure and encrypted communication systems on board US military platforms.

. Under the sign of the times, manual disinfection stations were placed in front of the press cordon, and everyone, including politicians, wore a mask.

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