Gm Uaw National Agreement

Gm Uaw National Agreement

GM plans to invest $7.7 billion $US representing 9,000 jobs created and maintained, according to the pages of the deal obtained by The Detroit News. The 2015 contract contained a commitment of $US 8.3 billion. National negotiators elected by their local unions achieved great success for members in the proposed interim agreement. Negotiators voted to recommend to the National Council to accept the proposed provisional agreement, as the agreement represents a significant gain for workers. The four-year interim deal proposed by United Automobiles Workers with General Motors Co. would provide agency workers with a path to totally unshakable employment, not change health plans, remove the profit-benefit cap, grant wage increases or bonuses each year of the contract and offer a record ratification bonus, according to a summary of the union contract. The longest and largest auto strike in decades ended this week, when UAW members were employed by General Motors Co. ratified the tentative agreement between the union and the automaker. Nearly 50,000 UAW members went on strike on Sept. 16 to demand fair wages, affordable quality health care, profit-sharing, job security, and a defined path to a permanent ladder for temporary workers.

With the victory of UAW members, workers across the country congratulated the strikers and thanked them for fighting against corporate greed. Here`s what people were saying: The deal includes ratification bonuses of $11,000, up from $8,000 in 2015, for permanent employees. Temporary workers would receive a bonus of US$4500 for ratification, up from US$2,000 in 2015. The company would pay the bonuses during the second payment period after the agreement is ratified. A $12,000 cap on profit-sharing will also be removed, and permanent employees will continue to receive $1,000 for every $1 billion in pre-tax profits GM makes in North America. At this time, the work stoppage is underway, although now that the UAW-GM National Council has sent a preliminary agreement to members, employees of GM suppliers may soon return to work. However, a ratified treaty is not guaranteed. GM-UAW`s more than 48,000 employees, including 17,000 in Michigan, have been unemployed for 32 days — the longest national strike against GM since 1970. Nearly 200 local United Auto Workers leaders voted Thursday to send members a preliminary agreement with General Motors Co. If the provisional agreement does not obtain a majority of the voting members, it will be back at the table for GM negotiators and the UAW GM Negotiating Committee to reach agreement on the objections raised by members. The top priority of the national bargaining team was to get a strong and fair contract that our members deserve,» said Terry Dittes, UAW Vice President, UAW-GM Division Director.

I have never been more proud to be a member of the union. Supported by millions of brothers, sisters, and friends across the country, UAW members came together to earn the fair treatment they earned during years of selfless sacrifice. I commend the UAW`s national negotiators for their steadfastness in providing what their members have asked for and I hope this will put an end to one of the bravest fights I have ever seen. Under the agreement, full-time temporary agency workers who have worked for three years or more would be recruited permanently from January. . . .

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